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This starts with our location providing easy diverse connections with sub half a millisecond latency into key London exchanges, enabling our customers to benefit from access to over 200 carriers and expands further through our ever-increasing partner network, providing us with a global reach into Europe, US, Asia and the Middle East.

Aegis Data has both Tier 1 and Tier 2 carrier options available to customers: Tier 1 available via BT21C and Global Cloud Exchange, the UK arm of Reliance Communications. This also allows different providers for each leg and diverse routes should you require.

Our Tier 2 carrier network provides access to a national fibre network spanning the southern half of the UK, including local tail circuits from 100Mb to 10Gb which can be provided cost-effectively from multiple nodes within our data centre to customer sites or other facilities in the UK.

We also offer direct connections into the public hyper-clouds of AWS, Azure, Google Cloud and Softlayer. This provides customers with a level of service stability and security unavailable via internet access as well as the cost benefit of lower bandwidth charges.

"Aegis Data has linked a partnership with the telecommunications provider Global Cloud Xchange (GCX), a subsidiary of Reliance Communications, to expand its global reach across Europe, US, Asia and the Middle East."

Through our partnership with Global Cloud Xchange (GCX) we are now provided with enhanced coverage and greater options to be more competitive, especially along the emerging markets corridor, enabling us to truly solidify our position as a global provider.

As more customers seek a road map to increased IT efficiency, it is mission critical for us to help them better understand and develop an effective colocation and connectivity strategy. Our partnership with GCX significantly enables this.

Aegis Data is connected to the leading London-based data centres, as well as other regional and global sites.

Aegis Data is connected to the leading London-based data centres, as well as other regional and global sites.

Connectivity specifications

The Data Centre

  • Aegis Data have multiple diversely routed 10Gb infrastructure connections back to key Internet Exchanges enabling customers to benefit from connectivity to over 200 carriers thought our innovative “wavelength cross connect” connectivity.
  • Aegis Data’s two Meet Me Rooms (MMR) provide a robust and secure connectivity infrastructure that ensures resilience and diversity of both routes and carriers both within our data centre and back to the exchanges.
  • Aegis Data is a carrier neutral DC and can therefore offer cost-effective and scalable internet access and Layer 2 circuits from a number of Tier II providers.
  • Aegis Data can offer routes and connectivity into many of the key London and Docklands based data centres.  In addition we can provide low latency connectivity options to other major cities in the UK, Europe and globally giving us the ability to connect almost anywhere in the world.

10Gb Ethernet connections from Aegis to the following Data Centres:

  • Docklands: Telehouse North/East/West, Telecity Harbour Exchange, Sovereign House, Meridian Gate, Bonnington House, Global Switch, London Hosting Centre.
  • City: Telehouse Metro, City Lifeline, Interxion, Level 3 Goswell Road.
  • Outer London: Sentrum Colo (Hayes), Virtus (Enfield), Equinix LD 4&5 Slough.
  • National: NGD (Newport, Gwent), Iomart (Nottingham, Leicester, Glasgow), Migsolv (Norwich), Datum (Farnborough).
  • Fibre Channel at 4Gb and 8Gb, OTN and STM protocols to all of the above Data Centres.
  • 1Gb and 100Mb Ethernet to all of the above and nationally.
  • IP Transit services from 10Mb – 10Gb are provided via multiple Tier 1 providers and LINX. There is also an option to be fed from Equinix LD5 Slough for internet connectivity to the USA via Manchester and to Europe via Kent, thereby avoiding London Docklands for resilience. We can provide preferential routeing via a chosen Tier 1 Carrier and fall-back to secondary carriers if required.

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