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Our data centre is engineered to offer an abundance of power and cooling, but doing so at a fraction of prices of other sites based in Tier-1 cities.

Our facility is optimised to offer better utilisation in space and power, by removing unnecessary and unused rack space. This ensures our customers are buying only into the space being used, reducing costs incurred as a result.

Aegis Data are in a unique position to maximise our customer’s budget while ensuring our effective and efficient facility meets business operations. Our solution is simple:

Direct Fresh Air Cooling = low PUE = low carbon footprint = low cost.

Aegis Data has created a state-of-the-art-facility to tackle the common IT challenge of providing innovative solutions but not at the cost of customer's budgets. Our energy efficient and powerful racks enable maximum performance, while new developments in OCP, HPC and cooling systems, guarantee our facility is built to last for years to come.

— Adrian Deslongrais - Founder, COO Aegis Data
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