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At Aegis Data, we are ideally placed to support all your high power, high cooling requirements. Our Direct Fresh Air Cooling system allows racks to be stacked contiguously, ensuring you are maximising your footprint and power, without any additional cost to operations. Our High Density Racks ensure our customers can fully utilise their IT estates, with single racks to fully customisable suites.

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By partnering with the Open Compute Project (OCP), Aegis Data is able to capitalise on the development and availability of the latest cutting-edge technologies for data centre hardware. We bring these enhancements to benefit our customers by improving our IT utilisation and ensuring our data centre always remains state-of-the-art.

High Density Racks

Specifically designed to support contiguous rack stacking of up to 25kW per rack, Aegis Data is uniquely positioned to provide High Density Racks for your IT requirements without the need for additional cooling or power.

About our HDR

Open Compute Project

Changing the face of data centre infrastructure, the Open Compute Project reinvents traditional IT architecture to bring its partners greater flexibility and efficiency savings.

Our work with the OCP

"The proliferation of high performance compute (HPC) has meant that data centre facilities can no longer rely on just providing HPC capabilities as a means to gain competitive advantage. What is now standing providers apart is their ability to demonstrate how they are able to deliver this service quicker, smarter and more efficiently than competitors within the market."

HPC has typically been the preserve of scientific institutions, governments and the military, but not any more. A third party data centre engineered for HPC capabilities, like Aegis Data, is equipped to deal with the highest demands of the latest technologies

— Adrian DesLongrais, Aegis Data founder

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