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Uncovering the hidden HPC opportunity

Uncovering the hidden HPC opportunity

Our latest report explores the pressures IT departments are under to cut costs while boosting innovation and how organisations can benefit from High Performance Computing (HPC).

How to escape the IT budget catch-22

From running business applications to spearheading innovation, the IT department is vital to an organisation’s ability to stay competitive. But the catch-22 is that IT leaders need to cut costs and streamline business processes, but also innovate and exploit new technologies.

One of their biggest expenditures is the cost of their data centre.
Computing requirements are rapidly increasing. Almost two thirds of the IT leaders we spoke to (60%) agreed that their workloads needed large scale parallel processing such as analysis of big data and 68% said they would consolidate racks if they had adequate power and cooling capabilities.

By embracing new technology such as High Performance Compute (HPC) which enables dense banks of computer resource, there is a way to consolidate costs, footprint and IT hardware within the data centre, whilst giving organisations that competitive advantage with faster, more powerful computing.

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